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                                                              A Prayer For America - Unity thru Prayer

In these troubled times it is crucial that our leaders adhere to their sworn commitment to protect the citizens of our great country.

At “A Prayer For America” we simply wish to pray for these leaders. Thru a personal relationship with “our Lord” we pray that our leaders at all levels (local, state, and national) protect our lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness. Our forefathers took special care to design a constitution that would protect these “rights” as inspired by the Declaration of Independence. We pray that our leaders defend, and protect these constitutional rights.

 A Prayer For America has no political agenda. Our hope is simply unity thru prayer.

                                                                          Why A Prayer For America

                                                        A short list of threats to our American way of life:

North Korea— For over 70 years this country has been a threat to
our closest allies in Southeast Asia. Now armed with nuclear weapons capable of delivering massive destruction thousands of miles from launch site, this rogue nation now poses a direct threat to the United States mainland.

Middle East— Being the birthplace of Christianity, Judaism, and the Muslim religions, it is understandable that so many peoples lay claim to this region. Constant war, state sponsored terrorism, and a hatred of our American way of life makes this “hotbed” a continued threat to the ideals of America.

Russia / China— Although these “former” Communist nations have
modified both political and economic policies in the past few
decades, the fact remains that individual liberties in these nations are curtailed. Add nuclear weapons, and these nations remain among the biggest threat to the United States.

Drug addiction— Within our own borders lies perhaps our most
serious threat, that of drug dependance. Our citizens are being
poisoned and enslaved by this evil. As a result national economic
production levels diminish because a growing portion of our work
force is unmotivated and feeling worthless. This all leads to eventual unemployment and moral decay. A collapse within is perhaps the greatest threat to our lives, pursuits, and freedoms.

What does America need to cope with these threats?

Simply stated, we need thoughtful, sober leadership decisions that
are designed to protect American citizens and their way of life. In our
gloried history, leaders have emerged and risen above the threats and
fears only to make America stronger. Throughout the formation of our
nation, the devastation of civil war, “World Wars”, and a “cold war,”
great leaders in American history have stepped up to lead.
At “A Prayer for America” we pray that our present and future
leaders are provided with the wisdom and knowledge to protect our
American ideals, and fundamental ways of life.

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